Profess Liz Ward

Centre for Functioning and Health Research, Metro South Hospital and Health Service, and The Univers

Liz is the Professor of the Centre for Functioning and Health Research, Queensland Australia and is a Professor in the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences at The University of Queensland. Prof Ward is a leading international researcher with over 250 publications. Her primary research interest is improving swallowing outcomes for patients undergoing Head and Neck Cancer (HNC) management.

Closely linked with this work is understanding dysphagia and optimizing its management in critical care and trauma populations. She has a keen interest in telehealth applications and has been the foundation researcher for the use of telepractice in dysphagia management and specifically in head and neck cancer care.

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Laryngectomy rehabilitation: Opportunities for improving speech pathology supports via telehealth

Post laryngectomy, patients require long term speech pathology support to help rehabilitate and then optimise their ongoing speech and swallowing function. Unfortunately a number of factors impact patient access to necessary services, particularly for those living in regional and rural areas. This session will discuss the current evidence for telehealth service models designed to (a) assist with delivery of speech pathology services, and (b) support clinician upskilling in regional/rural areas.


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