Professor A. Graham Pockley

multimmune GmbH / Nottingham Trent University
Director / Professor of Immunobiology

Graham Pockley is the CEO of multimmune GmbH. multimmune’s unique and proprietary technology platform is based on the discovery (by Gabriele Multhoff and Claus Botzler) that a cell surface bound form of Hp70 is selectively, and widely expressed on on the plasma membranes of many tumour entities, and is developing innovative theranostics on the basis of this cell surface-expressed form of Hsp70.

Graham Pockley is also Professor of Immunobiology and Director of the John van Geest Cancer Research Centre (JvGCRC) at Nottingham Trent University. The JvGCRC uses integrated genomic, proteomic, immunological and bioinformatics platforms to identify biomarkers of disease and disease progression, predict therapeutic responses and develop diagnostic and immunotherapeutics. Programmes study the orchestration of innate and adaptive immunity in cancer, discover immunological and protein biomarkers of disease and therapeutic responses in cancer, and its findings inform the development and delivery of new diagnostic and immunotherapeutic strategies.

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A new era of cancer therapeutics?

Despite progress, significant numbers of individuals continue to die of (by definition), aggressive, therapy-resistant disease. This Seminar will introduce a new approach for the treatment of aggressive cancer which has the potential to be used across the majority of cancer types, including rare cancers – ‘one drug could indeed fit all’.