Ioanna Fragkandrea-Nixon, PhD

Consultant Clinical Oncologist at the Beatson, Glasgow & Clinical Lead for Sarcomas in Scotland

I am a Consultant Clinical Oncologist specialising in the treatment of Head and Neck cancers, base of skull tumours and soft tissue and bone sarcomas. I have been a Consultant Oncologist at the Western General Hospital, Edinburgh since 2013. Prior to this appointment I worked as a senior researcher at the Royal Marsden Hospital, London, doing a three year fellowship in complex radiotherapy techniques, including stereotactic radiotherapy, IMRT-IGRT for brain, lung tumours and soft tissue sarcomas.

I have a particular focus on the management of patients requiring complex radiotherapy, conformal high precision radiotherapy for head and neck tumours and adults with soft tissue and bone tumours. I also specialise in combined chemoradiation treatment for Head and Neck tumours, as well as targeted therapies and immunotherapy treatment for Head and Neck cancers.

I have published in the area of conformal radiation techniques and am actively involved in clinical research relating to Head and Neck Cancers and Sarcomas. Being rewarded with a PhD in Radiotherapy in 2013.

I'm also a member of National and International societies including the European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer, British Head and Neck Group and am a national sarcoma Lead for Scotland.

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