Gabrielle Zamagias


Gabrielle Zamagias
Special Projects, Partnerships
Gabrielle joined Medopad in 2018 in a business development role responsible for developing and executing an international strategy across Medopad’s core verticals. Gabrielle is responsible for leading Medopad’s partnerships with both the Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust and the Royal Free Hospital. In addition to managing these relationships, Gabrielle works with insurance, reinsurance, and pharmaceutical companies on developing strategic partnerships.
Prior to Medopad, Gabrielle ran the business development and marketing team at TeleTracking Technologies, a healthcare technology company.
Gabrielle holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Integrated Marketing Communications and Business from Pepperdine University.

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Remote Patient Monitoring: Bringing the Hospital into the Home

Patients with rare and chronic disease spend 95% of their time outside hospital, where clinicians typically have no or intermittent access to patient health data.
Here, we explore how a remote patient monitoring solution can be applied within the care pathway for oncology, to improve visibility of patient progress, impact patient engagement, and improve pathway efficiencies. Oncology monitoring at King’s College Hospital, HCA, and Sussex Cancer Centre will be explored.


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