Dr Richter-Heine

Praxisgemeinschaft im Camparihaus

Dr. Richter-Heine graduated from Friedrich-Alexander University Göttingen, Germany in 1990. From 1993 to 1996 she worked as a fellow in new Department for Plastic, reconstructive Surgery, ICU for severe burn injuries in Nuremberg, where she received her Doctoral Thesis.

In 1996 she was appointed as an Assistant Medical Director at Behandlungszentrum Vogtareuth, Department of Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery. In 2004 a certified Breast cancer center was created at Behandlungszentrum Vogtareuth where Dr. Richter-Heine was the consultant Plastic and Reconstructive surgeon.

In 2005 she joined Prof. Feller as a partner in private practice/clinic in Munich. Since Prof. Feller’s retirement in 2013, she works with her new partners, Prof. Ch. Heitmann and Prof. H. Fansa. Dr. Richter-Heine is a frequent speaker and member of expert panels at international courses and conferences on breast aesthetic and reconstructive surgery, with over 20 publications.

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Benefits of supporting medical garments in breast surgery

Any kind of breast surgery leads to anatomical and physiological changes of the breast tissue. The postop care should provide optimized wound healing and recovery process. Therefore special medical bra types, customized to patient`s need are recommended. This talk shows the anatomical and physiological aspects of different kinds of breast surgery, results intra-op, post-op and as long term follow up in patient wearing supporting medical bra.


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