OncoDNA’s solution now reimbursed in the UK

Major health insurers, including BUPA Global Insurance, have approved reimbursement in the United Kingdom for OncoDNA’s most comprehensive theranostic solution, OncoSTRAT&GO. This test is used by oncologists to find the most appropriate treatment options for each appropriate cancer patient.

OncoSTRAT&GO is a Precision Medicine solution that combines the analysis of a solid biopsy sample (of the primary tumour or of a metastasis) and the analysis of a liquid biopsy (from a blood sample). This integrated approach, combining DNA and protein profiling of the cancer sample with heterogeneity detection in the circulating tumour DNA (ctDNA), provides a complete genetic profile of the tumour which can be used to predict response to novel and promising new therapies like immunotherapies or targeted therapies but also to classical chemotherapies.

BUPA Global Insurance has a specific code (7331B) for the reimbursement of OncoSTRAT&GO. A direct contract is in place between the two companies.

For all other major UK insurance companies, there is a generic code, BC001211. Oncologists can reference this code to any insurer when requesting the test and when the insurer authorises it for a patient, it can then be reimbursed.

"With this great news, many more cancer patients in the UK will be able to benefit from precision medicine and thus be better armed to fight the disease" » Jean-Pol Detiffe, CEO of OncoDNA.

OncoDNA is partnering with the EORTC in the first international, multi-centric study utilizing a personalized biomarker-based treatment strategy and immunotherapy in patients with recurrent/metastatic squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck (H&N).

OncoDNA is also involved in several large scientific projects such as Aurora, a research program in metastatic breast cancer, run by BIG, the Breast International Group.

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