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WSR Medical Solutions LTD

The Original Radiation Protection Manufacturer est 1860.

From our humble beginnings in the Manchester home of `W.S.` himself, Rothband has stood the test of time and the name `Rothband` is now synonymous with the best in quality,
comfort, innovation and value for money radiology shielding.

The company began by making medical rubber products, mattresses for hospitals and asylums up and down the UK. In 1911, as X-ray became recognised as a routine method of diagnosis. Colonel Rothband`s cousin (a chemist) approached him with an idea to add lead powder to the rubber mix.

The result, was the production of an X-ray cloth and the initial test X-ray resulted, with
a note from the head radiographer at Leeds Hospital, stating that our experiment seemed

From this, we began manufacturing X-ray aprons. We know of no other company that can claim an earlier product.

The 1920`s saw the first Rothband catalogue which has been a key resource for imaging
department managers ever since.

The Rothband business was acquired in 2015 and is still a family concern. You can rest
assured that we will continue to offer the same personal service and attention to detail that
has enabled us to prosper for over 150 years.

Only last month, we moved to a new factory near Burnley where we can continue to produce aprons that conform to BS 61331-1:2014 at the lightest weight.