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Myorb Limited

Share best practice including medical imaging in secure permissioned communities.

Myorb Limited is a British start-up that specialises in developing cutting edge web application technologies in the healthcare sector. Recently we worked with Health Education England for the training of radiology consultants, handling the efficient and secure storage of large and highly complex DICOM files.

Our reason for working with HEE was thanks to myOrb`s ability to store and view any file type in spaces, which are private by design and GDPR compliant. Spaces have configurable permission structures with the owners able to invite other members, who can then interact with each other and the content, using collaboration tools to create ideal places for people to work in a media rich environment.

With the addition of the DICOM viewer, myOrb allows radiologists to seamlessly view DICOM files via a viewer, whilst also discussing the medical imaging using one of its several communication and collaboration features.

Because myOrb is a web application it only requires a browser to run, meaning a DICOM can be viewed on any device with as little as a 2G connection.This is a unique capability in the market and can be experienced on our stand.

Consequently, thanks to our success working with the NHS and with new guidance in January 2018 authorising the NHS to start using cloud based solutions so they can leverage new and more efficient technologies, we have begun work in other areas including CPD and consolidated patient records. Both of these areas have suffered from a lack of technological innovation, which is what we at myOrb aim to change.

Using myOrb`s technology we have begun to set up ideal environments for both radiologists and other healthcare professionals to host informed discussion, helping them build robust decision making communities, where they can share and discuss important information both locally and in some cases internationally. Ultimately we aim for myOrb to be deployed by the NHS for MDTM.

Likewise our technology lends itself to the consolidation of patient records as well, which is why we aim to help the NHS tackle a growing issue made worse by the increasing number of people who have multimorbidities. Working to integrate with several GP IT systems myOrb`s spaces offer patients and clinicians the ideal place to set up care paths that can be monitored by both parties.

Able to add any additional care pathways into our existing solution to provide a comprehensive health record including patient experiences, education and support, myOrb aims to eradicate the fragmentation caused by lack of interoperability, which is costly to the NHS and detrimental to patient outcomes and experience.

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