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Micrima has the new radio-wave breast cancer imaging system MARIA®. This breast imaging system uses harmless radio-waves to detect breast cancer, unlike mammography that uses ionising radiation. So it is easy to install and doesn't require any specialist facility. It also means it can be used frequently from a young age.

MARIA® also requires no breast compression so is painless for women.Hopefully, this will increase the uptake of breast screening.

It is a whole breast method of imaging compared to some modalities that use a handheld probe. With a handheld system, the operator needs to know where to look for a lesion.

It has proven more effective than current imaging methods, particularly in dense tissue. MARIA® has been trialled in over 400 women in the United Kingdom. Further trials are now taking place at leading European centres.

Currently, MARIA® is being used in symptomatic clinics, but it is hoped eventually this will be a viable alternative to mammography in breast screening.

To find out more about this exciting technology why not come and visit us at the convention or if you can't wait till then contact us now.
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